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  • Apr 30, 1535

    Spanish founded Peru

    Spanish founded Peru
    Spanish found Lima Peru.
  • Peru Claims Independance

    Peru Claims Independance
    1821 Proclaimed Independance
  • Women gain the right to Vote

    Women gain the right to Vote
    Women fianlly gain the right to vote in Peru
  • Reforms of indigenous Cultures

    Reforms of indigenous Cultures
    Reforms are pursued Positivists tried to transform indigenous cultures by Europeanizing them
  • Debureaucratization

    1989Debureaucratization campaign begins
  • Alan Garcia Elected President

    Alan Garcia Elected President
    Garcia is elected President and has since signed trade agreements with the U.S. ,Canada,Singpore and China.
  • Population

    As of July 2011 Peru had a population of 29,248,943 . With nearly 9 million of those residing in the Capital of Lima . A growth rate of 1.02%
  • Physical Atrributes

    Physical Atrributes
    Peru's Climate ranges from Temperate to Tropical. The western Coast is a plain with Rugged high mountains in the middle and on the eastern end a lowland Jungle ,55 percent of the nation is covered with jungle.
  • People of Peru

    People of Peru
    45% of the people of Peru are Indian; 37% Mestizo; and 15% are While/Other. Major Spoken Languages :Spanish; Quechua; Aymara. 81% of Peruvians are Roman Catholic.
  • Current Issues

    Current Issues
    Deforestation; overgrazing; soil erosion; desertification; air and water pollution, and Poverty