Pedro Arrupe's Life

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    Pedro's Life

  • Pedro's Birth

    Pedro was born on the 14th of novenber 1907 in Basque, Spain. He was the yougest of five children.
  • Mother's death.

    Pedroi's mother died when he was only ten years old and it came as a very big scare on Pedro.
  • Pedro's Farther dies.

    Pedro's Father dies.
  • Pedro Joins thje Jesuits

    Pedro joins the Jesuits at the age of nineteen.
  • Forced to leave Spain

    Pedro was forceed to leave Spain because the Jesuits were expeled from the country.
  • Working as a missionary

    Pedro was ained to go to Japan and work as a missonary.
  • Pedro is arrested on suspition of espinoage

    Pedro is arrested
  • Pedro is made the Supieor General of the Jesuits

  • pedro is made the master of novices

  • Pedro dies

    Pedro died