pearl harbor timeline

  • Evenet 8:

    Evenet 8:
    On Febuary 16, Nimitz had lauched a massive carrier raid on Truk in the central Carolines, long considered Japn's key bastion in the central Pacific. This raid revealed that the Japanese had virtually abandoned Truk.
  • Event 1:

    Event 1:
    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor began at 7:55 am on Dec 7, 1941. Japanese naval forces complied for th eraid included 4 heavy aircraft carries, 2 heavy cruisers, 35 submarines, 2 light cruisers, 9 oilers, 2 battleships abd 11 destroyers.
  • Event 2:

    President Franklin Roosevelt addressed the Congress to ask for a declaration of war against Japan. Referring to December seventh, 1941, as a "day that shall live in infamy", he gave Pearl Harbor attack its most famous and enduring title.
  • Event 3:

    Event 3:
    On December 9, 1941 President Roosevelt said: "We are now in the midst of a war, not for conquest, not for vengeance, but for a world in which this Nation, and all that this Nation represents, will be safe for our children.
  • Event 4

    Event 4
    Four days after the Raid, on December 11, Secretary of the NavyFrank Knox arrived at Pearl Harbor for a personal inspection. On his way back to D.C. he recommanded the relief of the Pacific Fleet's commander.
  • Event 6:

    Event 6:
    On December 12, 1941 at his Peace Conference, President Roosevelt spoke about the increase in the sale of bonds. "The Treasury reports that on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday-this week-we sold, through banks, defense bonds of $5,592,000 as against last week's sale.
  • Event 4

    Admiral Chester W. Nimitz becomes the new commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Both senior commanders at Pearl Harbor; Navy Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Army Lt. General Walter C. short, were relieved of their duties following the attack.
  • Event :7

    Event :7
    After Pearl Harbor the Jaoanese quickly gained control over a huge area if the Pacific , from the Phillipines to Burma to the Alutians to the Solomons.