Paul Feyerabend, January 13th, 1924- February 11th, 1994

  • Early Life and Military Career

    Feyerabend was born in Vienna, Austria. His early life remained rather uneventful, but when he graduated high school, he was drafted into the German Arbeitsdienst, in 1942. He served in the war, ultimately commissioning as an officer, until he was shot three times including the spine, forcing him to walk with a cane for the rest of his life.
  • Against Method

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  • The Political Consequences of Epistemological Anarchism: Science in a Free Society

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  • Autobiography

    Feyerabend's autobiography was published in 1995. It outlined his life and his works but more importantly mentioned his criticisms, and unorthodox philosophies. Feyerabend was not well liked within the science community has he held rather radical beliefs. Whether you agree or not with his philosophy's, he was certainty challenging the way people approached and viewed science.