Giant Panda population

Timeline created by Mikey724t
  • 1985- Turning point for Giant Panda population, begins to increase population with more conservationist policys

  • The Giant Panda is now an endangered species

  • 1980- only 1100 Giant Pandas remain

  • Period: to

    The Past

  • 1997- 20 year prison sentence to Panda poachers

  • 2003- Panda Population is 1,596 pandas in the wild

  • 2004- National survey on Giant panda includes there are 1596 Pandas left in the wild

  • 2014- Census concludes that Giant Panda population is on the rise, population has grown 17 percent in the last decade

  • 2015- Giant Panda Protection Strategy was announced

    This plan includes landscaped-based protection for Giant Panda habitats along with other plans to get the Panda population back on track
  • Period: to

    The future

  • 2030- Panda population reaches roughly 4,000 if conservationist efforts stay in effect

    Per year roughly 218 new pandas introduced to the wild
  • 2050- Panda Population will continue to rise to more than 6,000 not taking exponential growth into consideration