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Pamela M. & Olivia T.

By SJRebel
  • Martha Graham-(culture/dance)

    Martha Graham-(culture/dance)
    On this day she began choreographing dances for her own company. She was a famous dancer and dance choreographer. She danced through feelings and created modern dance. She stated the fact that dance didn't have to be pretty.
  • Charles Drew-(science/ doctor)

    On this date Charles Drew left the red cross and became a professer of surgery ar Howard University and chief surgeon at Freedmans hospital. He was a doctor who researched blood transfusions. He was the first black surgeon selected to serve as an examiner on the American board of surgery. He saved thousands of lives of the allied forces.
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  • Ray Kroc-(economics/fast food restruants)

    Ray Kroc-(economics/fast food restruants)
    On this day, Ray kroc opened his first McDonald's in Des Plains, Illinois. He got the idea of a drive-in restraunt from the McDonalds brothers in 1954. He revolutionized the food industry the same way that Henry Ford did with the automobile industry.
  • J. Robbert Oppenheimer-(scientific/phsicist)

    J. Robbert Oppenheimer-(scientific/phsicist)
    On this day the Atomic Energy Comission gave him the highest honnor, the Enrico Fermi Award. He was a phisicist who created the atomic bomb. He headed the AEC and helped write the first united states proposal for international control if nuclear energy.
  • Maya Angelou-(culture/author)

     Maya Angelou-(culture/author)
    On this day she wrote her famous autobiography " i know why the caged bird sings.". She was a writer who wrote many poetry, and autobiography books. She also taught at several universities. In 1983, she was named one of the top onehundred most influential women by ladies home journal.
  • Henery Louis Gates-(acidemics/writer)

    Henery Louis Gates-(acidemics/writer)
    On this date Henery Louis Gates was named MacArthur Fellow. He was an african american writer. He streesed for greater recogintion of black literature and black culture. He was the first african american to receive the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright-(culture/architect)

    Frank Lloyd Wright-(culture/architect)
    On this day he opened his very first office. He was a famous architect, with a carreer of almost 70 years. His dream was to build unique, complecated buildings like no other arcetect had built before.
  • Bill Gates-( culture/software architect)

    Bill Gates-( culture/software architect)
    On this date microsoft introduced the first version of the popular windows operating system.He is a cofounder and chairman of microsft . He was the companys chief executive officer from 1975 until 2000.He is one of the wealthiest people in the world.