• March 2006

    Iñaki Urdangarín is the new founding partner of the non-lucrative association Nóos Institute.
    Urdangarín leaves the presidence of Nóos, and the Royal House orders him to leave the association forever.
  • June 2006

    Urdangarín and Princess Cristina went to Washington after he was named Telefónica delegate.
  • November 2006

    Second Illes Balears Forum. The Govern gives 1.1 millions of Euros.
  • December 2006

    To circunvent the order of leaving Nóos, Urdangarín founded with Diego Torres the Foundation Sports, Culture and Social Integration, with which continued collecting public and private funds and evading them.
  • From July to November 2010

    The Senior Judge José Castro openend the case and Francisco Camps started subsidizing Nóos.
  • June, 6th 2011

    The Judge Castro imputed Diego Torres in the Palma Arena case.
  • June 19th 2011

    The Judge Castro imputed José Luis “Pepote” Ballester in the case, for the alleged deviation of 2,3 millions of Euros by Jaume Matas to the Nóos Institute when it was led by Urdangarín.
  • November 7th 2011

    The Anticorruption Prosecutor examined the Institute headquarters in Barcelona and three domiciles related with Diego Torres. He declared that Urdangarín, as “executive president”, decided everything in the association. The activity of “taking” public funds was attributed to Sir Iñaki. The Royal House showed “full respect” to the Justice.
  • November 14th 2011

    EL MUNDO newspaper published that Nóos and the Jaume Matas’ Govern rigged a public call for tender of 60.000 Euros in 2004.
  • November 16th 2011

    Princess Cristina, apart from being the board secretary of the developer which received part of 2,3 million of Euros Urdangarín deviated from the Balear Govern, she took part on the Board of Directors of Nóos. By his side, Urdangarín deviated at least 600.000 Euros from the Balear Govern and the Valencian Generalitat.
  • November 24th 2011

    Urdangarín and Torres concocted a plot of false bills to avoid paying taxes and to not to overcome the 250.000 annual Euros of benefit and to pay less to the Treasury.
  • November 28th 2011

    Names as Aceralia, Telefónica, the Football Club of Valencia, the Villarreal and SGAE, as well as the Catalunya Generalitat and the Alcalá de Henares and Mataró city halls arised. The Duke and Torres sold their services around Spain taking advantage of the first one’s position.
  • November 30th 2011

    Urdangarín used his wife, his childs and the Royal House advisor’s names in the supplies planned by Nóos to its customers.
  • December 12th 2011

    The King set aside Urdangarín of Royal House oficial acts for his “non-exemplar” conduct, and about Miss Cristina, the King said that “we will see”.
  • December 16th 2011

    González Pons signed the agreement of 5 millions of Euros with Urdangarín. He assured that it was Camps’ idea. The Duke took 382.000 Euros, despite the lack of the European Games event.
  • December 21th 2011

    Camps’ Government pressured entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community to make them to hire Urdangarín’s services.
  • December 29th 2011

    The Judge imputed Iñaki Urdangarín and he called him to testify the February 6th, but finally, the testifying was delayed until February 25th.
  • January 22th 2012

    Urdangarín and Torres charged 300.000 to the SGAE.
  • February 5th 2012

    The two defendants passed bills from Valencia to justify the 1,2 million of Euros the Balear Govern gave them.
  • February 13th 2012

    The Police counted up to 7 million of Euros the false bills used to lie the Treasury.
  • February 15th 2012

    The Senior Judge insisted in that Urdangarín should arrive by walking to the Courts.
  • February 17th 2012

    It was foreseen that February 25th the Palma Duke had level 1 security; the same as the King.
  • February 20th 2012

    EL MUNDO published that Urdangarín deviated money from Nóos to a Swiss account bank, so there are three tax havens used to deviate funds.
  • February 21th de 2012

    The Judge José Castro asked both Anticorruption Prosecutor and the Autonomous Community of Balears, as well as the Popular Party of the islands to pronounce themselves about the posible Princess Cristina’s imputation, as Manos Limpias begged.
  • February 23th 2012

    The Police asked for the Urdangarín’s arriving to the Courts by car.
  • February 25th 2012

    By walk, the Palma Duke got in the Courts to declare during 12 hours. According to his defendor, he ended “satisfied, but tired”.