pacific war

  • commodore perry

    commodore perry
    commodore perry comes to japan and forces them to open their borders and let them port in japan
  • meiji restoration

    meiji restoration
    japans emperor modernizes thier country in order to not fall behind.
  • Sino Japanese war

    Sino Japanese war
    japan got taiwan and port arthur
  • russo japanese war

    russo japanese war
    rusiia went around africa to manchuriya to fight the japanese and lost, the japanese won manchuriya.
  • world war one

    world war one
    world war one started with two countries, hungary austria, and sieria and since they had alliances with so many different countries, it became a world war.
  • Invasion of poland

    Invasion of poland
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • Battan Death March

    Battan Death March
  • Doolittle Raid

    Doolittle Raid
  • battle of the coral sea

    battle of the coral sea
  • battle of midway

    battle of midway
  • battle of guadalcanal beggining

    battle of guadalcanal beggining
  • guadalcanal end

    guadalcanal end
  • hiroshima bombing

    hiroshima bombing
    The U.S drop an atomic bomb on the city of hiroshima and end world war two.