pacific war

  • Unequal treaties.

    Unequal treaties.
    United states and Japan signed to traty of Kanagawa. Japan must open five ports to American trade. Americans can live in port cities, but did not have to obey Japanese laws. Paid very small tax on imported items; "flooded' Japan with cheap products
  • commidore perry arrives in Japan

    commidore perry arrives in Japan
    Commodore perry arrives in japan and forces them to open its portes to American ships to ressuply. United States also demanded Japan to begin trading. (Gunboat Diplomacy)
  • Meji Restoration

    Emporor Meji restored as supreme ruler as Japan. Japn begins modernization- new army, sent people to study in foreign countries, developed technology (trains, ships, telegraph.)
  • Meji constutution

    Meji constutution
    emperor restores ti mist powerful, Shinto state religion. New kand laws. People elected a congress (diet).
  • Sino Japanese war

    War struck and Japan were to get Liaotung (port Arthur) and Taiwan.
  • Russo Japanese war

    (More of Manchurai)
  • WW1

    War struck between the workd and it was the biggest war so far.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    Japan and America both lose one aircraft carrier.
  • Midway

    Americans intercept signal (code) from Japs and find out that they are going to attack midway. Americans Ambush japanese navy; Americans defeat the cream of the Japanese navy. the turning point of the pacific war.
  • Bottle of the guadacanal.

    thousand of lives lost on both the Japnese and the Americans sided; The indicaticor of how many lives will be lost.
  • Hrioshima bomb droppning

    Hrioshima bomb droppning
    united states drops bomb on japan