Pacific War

By karin.k
  • Unequal Treaties

    Unequal Treaties
    United States and Japan sign Treaty of Kanagawa. Japan must open five ports to American trade.. Americans can live in port cities, but did not have to obey Japanese laws. Paid very small tax on imported items; "flooded"Japan with cheap products.
  • Commodore Perry

    Commodore Perry
    Commodore Perry arrives in Japan and forces Japan to open its ports to American ships to resupply. United States also demanded Japan to behin trading. (Gunboat Diplomacy)
  • Meiji Restoration

    Emperor Meiji restored as supreme ruler of Japan. Japan begins modernization - new army, sent poeple to study in foreign countries, developed technology (trains, ships, telegraph).
  • Meiji Constitution

    Meiji Constitution
    Emperor restored to most powerful. State Shinto religion. New land laws. People elcted a Congress (Diet).
  • Sinao-Japanese War: Liaotung Peninsula (Port Arthur) and Taiwan

  • Russo-Japanese War (moe of Manchuria)

  • WW1

    1) August 1914
    2) United Kingdom, France, Italy, United Staes, and Russia against Germany
    3) Chain reaction
    4) Allies won the war, Japanese economy boomed, Japan rewarded with control over the Marshalls, Marianas, and Caroline islands, Japan joins the Legue of Nations, but viwed with either suspicion or hatred by other countries.
  • Japanese forces invade Manchuria

  • Trade with Tokyo becomes a major concern

    Trade with Tokyo becomes a major concern for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Congress, as Japan depended on the US for most of its metal, copper, and oil.
  • A moderate government takes power of the Japanese government

  • Germany launches its blitzkrieg of Europe

    The Nazis capture Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Japan makes negotiations with Hitler to form a new alliance, and the moderate government in Tokyo is overthrown.
  • Bataan Death March

  • Doolittle Raid

  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    stalemate: Japan and United States bot lose one aircraft carrier
  • Battle of Mideway

    -Americans interept Japanese coded message.
    -Americans amush Japanese Navy; Americans defeat "cream" of Japanese Navy (their very best pilots
    -turning point in war in Pacific
  • Battle of Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands)

    Until feb 1943...
    -thousands of lives lost on both sides; indicator of number of American/Japanese lives that would e lost on war.
  • Hiroshima Bombing

    Hiroshima Bombing
    US dropps bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.