Ozone Depletion Timeline

  • Naming of the Ozone layer

    Christian Friedrich S. names the ozone layer
  • What does is contain?

    Auguste de la Rive & Jean-Charles de Marignac try to figure out what the ozone layer actually is.
  • Jean-Louis Soret

    The ozone is not only one oxygen atom
  • Marie Alford Cornu

    Finds UV light
  • Jean Cabbanes &Jean Dufay

    Finds the altitude of the ozone layer
  • Ozone depletion

    Satellites discover that there is a big depletion globaly
  • NASA

    Scientist Donald Health says that the ozone layer had declined by 1%
  • Antartic Ozone Hole

    The largest oxone whole which is 17.3 million square kilometers