Oskar Schindler

  • Oskar was born

    Schindler was born in Zwittau, Moravia on April 28, 1908.
  • Married

    Marrying Emilie Pelzl in 1928
  • Had a job before the Factory

    He was employed at the Jarslav Simek Bank of Prague from 1931 till 1938.
  • Holocaust starts

    The holcaust starts in 1933 where HItler starts killing Jews.
  • Served in the army

    He served in the Czechoslovak army and in 1938.
  • Arrested

    Had been arrested and charged with offences against the Czech State,who they thought he was a spy, he had recruited a Sudeten German police officer named Prusa, who worked for the Criminal Investigation Department in Brno.
  • Joined the Nazi Party

    In February 1939, five months after the German annexation of the Sudetenland, he joined the Nazi Party.
  • His facotry

    Owned a Enamelware Factory which became known as ‘Emalia’. The business thrived and by 1944 around 1,750 workers—including 1,000 Jews—were employed there.
  • Arrested again

    Near the end of the war In 1943 he was arrested on suspicion of selling goods illegally and his account books examined
  • Death

    In 1974 schindler died while undergoing surgery after having a heart attack he was laid to rest outside the jewish cemetery in jerusalem israel.