Oscar Wilde

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  • Oscar Wilde was born

    Oscar Wilde was born
    Oscar Wild was born in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Ravenna

    He won the coveted Newdigate Prize with a long poem,`Ravenna`.
  • Poems

    Wilde published, at his own expense, Poems
  • Constance Lloyd

    Constance Lloyd
    Wilde marriage Constance Lloyd
  • Cyril Holland

    Cyril Holland
    Oscar and Constance's first child was born, Cyril
  • Vyvyan Holland

    Vyvyan Holland
    Oscar and Vyvyan's second child was born, Vyvyan
  • The Happy Prince and Other Tales

    The Happy Prince and Other Tales
    He published The happy Prince and other Tales
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    The Picture of Dorian Gray
    He published his only novel in Lippincott's Magazine
  • Intentions

    It was published, consisting of essays, restated his aesthetic attitude toward art
  • Lady Windermere's Fan

    Lady Windermere's Fan
    Comedy of manners in four acts, performed in 1892 and published the following year
  • Salomé

    Salomé which was written in French, was published
  • Woman of No Importance

    Woman of No Importance
    It was produced
  • The Importance of being Earnest

    The Importance of being Earnest
    An ideal husband and The importance of being Earnest were produced
  • Prision

    He was arrested and ordered to stand trial
  • France

    He was released, a bankrupt, and went to France, hoping to regenerate himself as writer
  • Oscar Wilde's Demise

    Oscar Wilde's Demise
    He died suddenly of acute meningitis brought on by an ear infection
  • Period: to

    Portora Royal School

    He went to Portora Royal School
  • Period: to

    Trinity College

    He went to Trinity College, Dublin
  • Period: to

    Magdalen College

    He went to Magdalen College, Oxford which award him a degree with honours
  • Period: to

    Woman's world

    He became editor of woman's World