Origin of Mind Sports and it’s Development in Pakistan

Timeline created by Zobiyah.charolia
  • Chess Federation of Pakistan

    Chess Federation of Pakistan
    CFP is responsible for conducting Chess games at national levels and taking students for international competitions.
  • Pakistan Scrabble Association

    Pakistan Scrabble Association
    PSA is responsible for conducting national championships and taking students for international championships for scrabble
    1st and yet only registered scrabble club in Pakistan
    Organizes 12 tournaments.
  • 1st Mind Sports Olympiad

    1st Mind Sports Olympiad
    An international competition with different disciplines for games requiring mental skill and mind sports conducted annually
  • Period: to

    Takes place annually

    Took place every year to this date
  • Period: to

    2nd and 3rd event

    These events returned to london with sponsorships
  • 4th MSO (Mind Sports Olympiad)

    4th MSO (Mind Sports Olympiad)
    A successful event took place at the Alexandra Palace despite controversies between organizers
  • Period: to

    Various events every year

    These events continued to happen without sponsorships at a number of universities
  • Played in schools

    Played in schools
    Featured a separate event for schools with activities and competitions for chess ,go, quizzes and intelligence puzzles
  • Loss of attention

    Reduced to a smaller size because of lack of sponsorship
  • MSO Revived

    MSO saw a revival when it returned to a Central London venue
  • Mind Sports Association of Pakistan

    Mind Sports Association of Pakistan
    It was founded in 2008 for training of Mind Sports of Chess, Bridge & Scrabble
  • Period: to


    Took place in Soho theatre in London
    And then later moved to University of London union
    18 to 27 august 2012—16th MSO took place at the University of London
  • Period: to


    IHMD in Pakistan introduced various mind sports and trained students to participate in national and international championships and won bronze silver golden medals in speed reading, mind mapping, memory championships
    Emma Alam won the world memory championship where 300 competitors participated and broke 3 world records