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The Notebook (Noah & Allie)

  • Allie and Noah meet for the first time

    They have a different social status. She belongs to a well-off family and Noah is part of the working class
  • Period: to

    A summer of true love

    Allie and Noah spend a lot of time together and they fall in love
  • The break-up?

    Allie's mother finds out about her realationship to Noah and she gets mad at her. Noah and Allie have an argument just before she leaves that city and returns home after her holidays.
    Before she leaves, she gaves her address to Noah's friend.
  • Period: to

    A year of daily love letters

    Noah writes daily letters to Allie, but her mother never let her know about them. Allie feels devastated, she thinks Noah is not in love with her anymore.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    Noah fights in the World War II. He never received a reply to his love letters, so he also thinks Allie is not in love with him
  • Allie announces her new engagement

    Allie met Lon, a powerful wealthy attorney, who was in line with her mother's ideals. After some time in a relationhip they announce their engagement.
  • Suprise! Noah is back!

    Allie finds an article about Noah in the newspaper. He is back to the city where they knew each other.
  • I need to see him again

    Despite he was the man that broke her heart, she urges to New Bern to visit Noah. They fall madly in love again, and she decides to break her engagement to Lon.
  • Old Noah closes his Notebook

    Noah, now an elderly man, closes his notebook. He reads their lovestory to Ally everyday since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer.
  • True love never dies

    Allie remembers Noah and their story sometimes, and just for shorts periods of time. When she recognises him, they celebrate those instants of true love.