Onboarding Process - From Client's Perspective

  • Phase I: Sponsor Begins Center Account Setup

    Approximately 30 days before the center will actually starting claiming meals in the system, we'll begin the acocunt setup process (internally). We'll set up center account, import enrolllments and create cycle menus. So technically, while this is part of the onboarding process, it's not the client's responsibility. Ex:Client will begin claiming meals in the software on March 1st, so we will begin the account setup process around February 1st. This is to allow adequate time to import info.
  • Phase 2: Client Software Orientation

    We'll make sure our onboarding clients have a couple of weeks to access our training tools, which include:
    • a pre-recorded webinar that walks them through the features
    • how-to videos that walk through specific features
    • give access to the software, so they can work in it and become comfortable. -utilize walk-me-through tutorials within the software -participate in a live Q&A webinar session
  • Phase 3: Center Begins CACFP cClaiming Online

    New claim cycles start on the 1st of the month. This means that any meals being claimed for reimbursement (meaning the day care is recording menus, meals & attendance to children they've served) will be done online in the food program software.
  • Phase 4: Sponsor Files Center's Claim for Reimbursement with TDA

    We'll file their claim for reimbursement - the client doesn't have to do anything.
  • Phase 5: Software Onboarding Complete

    Implementation is complete, their claim reimbursement is on it's way to the client, and they'll be able to receive ongoing help from our customer support team.