Ogie - "Waitress"

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In Music

  • First Appearance - Scene 7, page 28

    First appearance of Ogie; seated inside the diner.
  • SONG - "Never Getting Rid of Me", page 30

    Ogie sings first song, "Never Getting Rid of Me" (song #8) in response to Dawns insisting that he leaves.
  • Ogie EXITS, page 32

    Ogie leaves with dramatic flare (underscored by Revolutionary War music).

    During intermission, Ogie and Dawn have become obsessed with each other and have fallen madly in love.

  • ACT TWO, Scene Two; appears in Song #11: "Bad Idea (Reprise)"

    During The song, all three couples reprise "Bad Idea" while kissing passionately. The song and scene ends with a playoff; Ogie and Dawn running across the stage yelling "The British are coming! The British are coming" and kissing passionately. End scene.
  • Entrance - Act Two, Scene Three, page 43

    Appears in the diner, waiting to take Dawn to dinner to meet his mother. Gathers in tableau/dance with "Pie Music" underscore for Jenna and Pomatter.
  • Act Two, Scene Six, page 47 - WEDDING

    Wedding of Ogie and Dawn
  • SONG - "I Love You Like a Table"

    Duet with Dawn
  • SONG (#14) - "Take It From and Old Man" - ENSEMBLE

    After wedding scene, Ogie and Dawn are included in Ensemble during "Take It From an Old Man" song, page 50.
  • Ogie ENTERS, Page 56

    Ogie enters hospital after Jenna has given birth to Lulu. Offers with Dawn to have Jenna stay with them, jokes about being double-parked, loves and hugs everyone, exits.
  • "Everything Changes, Part Two" - COMPANY

    Sings in "Everything Chnages, Part Two" (Song 17a), page 57
  • ACT TWO, SCENE 9, page 58

    Scene open with Ogie and Cal counting boxes in the new "Lulu's Pies" diner.
  • SONG (#18) - "Opening Up (Finale)"

    Finale with entire company.
  • SONG (#19) - "BOWS"

    Bows with entire company.