Of Mice and Men Timeline

  • Driven out of town

    Driven out of town
    In the beginning of the book Lennie and George are going to the Ranch because in Weed Lennie had been accused of raping a woman. Since he like to feel soft things, he started to feel the woman's dress and he didn't let go of it after the woman had told him to. A group of men were determined to lynch Lennie. Both Lennie and George had to hide when the men were searching for them and they eventually ran from their home to go work at the Ranch.
  • Lenne kills a mouse

    Lenne kills a mouse
    On Thursday evening, a day before both Lennie and George got to the ranch, they were walking to Salinas river. While walking, Lennie found a mouse and started petting him in his pocket. Lennie didn't know his own strength, so when he was petting him, he snapped its' neck. When they reached the river, George insisted Lennie to show him what was in his pocket. This was one of the few events that showed how much Lennie liked to pet soft things. This event foreshadows a future event in the story.
  • Getting hired

    Getting hired
    Friday morning, George told Lennie that if the boss asked him something to not say anything because he knows that Lennie is going to mess up. Once they met the boss on the ranch they got a job working with slim. He become their friend and gives Lennie one of his puppies. Curley and his wife then come up to Lennie and George. Curley is looking to fight with Lennie and his wife is looking for Curley. Lennie tells George that he is fascinated by her, but Candy warns them about Curley's wife.
  • Candy's dog dies and the fight

    Candy's dog dies and the fight
    Friday evening, Carlson took it upon himself to shoot Candy's dog in the most humane way as possible because of how it was getting too old and wasn't doing the job he was supposed to do. He did it in the bunkhouse and tried to shoot it in a place where he would feel no pain and would die immediately. Candy is later upset he didn't do it himself. After that happened, Lennie and Curley got in a fight where Lennie broke every bone in Curley's hand and told George that he didn't mean to hurt him.
  • Candy gets in on the dream

    Candy gets in on the dream
    Friday evening, after Candy's dog gets shot and the fight between Carlson and Lennie, Candy overhears Lennie and George talking in the bunkhouse about their dream of owning a farm and living off of it. He decides to help Lennie and George achieve their dream by offering the $300 he has been saving up in exchange for him to join them. George agrees and they all decide that they can't talk about it with anyone. They all had a dream of owning their own farm and finally have a home.
  • Lennie kills his puppy

    Lennie kills his puppy
    Sunday afternoon, Lennie was sitting in the barn and he was petting the dog slim had given him. He started him so hard that he ended up killing the dog just like the mouse at the beginning of the story. Curley's wife walked into the barn and saw the dead puppy. She started talking to him about how she could have been an actress if she didn't marry Curley and how soft her hair was. She was flirting with Lennie and she knew he liked touch soft things so she offered him to touch her soft hair.
  • The Accident of Curley's wife

    The Accident of Curley's wife
    On Sunday afternoon, Curley's wife comes into the barn and offers him to touch her soft hair. Lennie started touching her hair and wouldn't let go of it. We know form other events in the story that Lennie doesn't know how to control himself when it comes to petting soft thing such as when he killed his puppy and the mouse. So when Lennie is petting and holding onto her hair he can't control himself. He ends up killing her by snapping her neck out of the strength he had when petting her hair.
  • Finding Curley's wife

    Finding Curley's wife
    That same day, a few moments later, Candy went looking for Lennie and found Curley's wife. He rushed to get George and he understand what happens. Candy tells George that they will have Lennie lynched, he then asked Candy to spread the news. Once the news gets too Curley he knows that Lennie killed her and he asks George to join Carlson so he knows he didn't have anything to do with this. He knew at that moment that he had to be the one to kill Lennie himself so he doesn't experience pain.
  • Lennie dies

    Lennie dies
    On Sunday evening, George finds Lennie in the bushes in Salinas river just like he told him to do when he's in trouble. They start talking about how George would be better off without Lennie. George agrees, but he tells him to take off his hat and look at the river. George pointed the gun at Lennie's head and started talking about their dream of owning a farm and how he could tend the rabbits. He then shot Lennie in the head before anyone could see him and did it in the most non-painful way.
  • Lennie's Hallucination

    Lennie's Hallucination
    On Sunday evening, Lennie ran away from the ranch to Salinas river behind the bush just like George had told him to do when he got in trouble or did something bad at the beginning of the story. When he sat down near the bush he started hallucinating his Aunt Clara and a Giant rabbit. They were speaking in his voice and told him that George didn't need him and that he is better off without him. They also told him he should just leave him alone and never return. He thinks and regrets what he did.