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  • 870


    In 870 Alfred and his brother Aethelred fought many battles against the Danes.
  • 871

    his brother Aethelred

    He succeeded his brother Aethelred to the throne of Wessex in 871, and a new legal code came into force during his reign.
  • 878


    His come back and great victory at Edington in 878 secured the survival of Wessex, and the Treaty of Wedmore with the Danish king Guthrum in 886 established a boundary between the Danelaw, east of Watling Street, and the Saxons to the west.
  • 886

    First king

    The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle says that following his capture of London in 886 'all the English people submitted to him, except those who were in captivity to the Danes'. In some respects, therefore, Alfred could be considered the first king of England.
  • 892

    Reformed in amr

    During periods of peace Alfred reformed and improved his military organization. He divided his levies into two parts with one half at home and the other on active service, giving him a relief system he could call on to continue a campaign.
  • 892

    Build bursh

    He also began to build burhs (fortified strongpoints) throughout the kingdom to form the basis of an organized defensive system.
  • 892


    Alfred is popularly credited as being the founder of the Royal Navy; he did build a fleet of improved ships manned by Frisians and on several occasions successfully challenged the Danes at sea.
  • Period:

    Danes attacked again

    In 876 the Danes attacked again, and in 878 Alfred was forced to retire to the stronghold of Athelney which was at that time an island in the Somerset Levels.
  • Period:

    the East Anglian Danes

    A new landing in Kent encouraged a revolt of the East Anglian Danes, which was suppressed 884–86
  • Period:

    The final

    after the final foreign invasion was defeated 892–96, Alfred strengthened the navy to prevent fresh incursions.