Nz History

  • Jan 1, 1450

    Moa Extinct

    Moa had been completly killed off by hunters and forest fires
  • Banks Peninsula Found

    James Cook first sighted banks peninsula and named it banks island, thinking that it was an island.
  • First Foot

    European sailers first set foor on banks peninsula.
  • Lyttelton Harbour

    A European flax trader known as, William Wiseman named lyttelton Harbour "Fort Cooper"
  • Whaling station

    In 1837 George Hempelman set up a whaling station at Peraki, Bank peninsula
  • Meeting Canterbury

    John Robert Godley and Edward Gibbon Wakefield met and planned canterbury
  • School Opens

    First School opens in Lyttelton
  • First Bank

    First Bank, The Union bank of australia opens in lyttelton.
  • First Church

    First church opens in canterbury.
  • Canterbury Jubilee

    Canterbury celebrates 50 years