nz history

By reneew
  • Abel Tasmen

    a dutchman,Tasman was sailing to find the greet southern continent that explores belived lay in the south Pacific Ocean,
  • James Cook

    Cook visited the country 3 times on board endeavour,where he made landfall at poventy bay board resolution in 1773 and adventure in 1777
  • Jean Francois-Marie De Surville

    a french man was unlucky to have missed Cook, when he also visited new zealand, shortly after Cook, in 1769
  • Marin Du Fresne

    Marion Du Fresne was another french exsplorer to visit New Zealand, in 1770. Du Fresne had contact with maori in the bay of Islands, although contact would go horribly wrong.
  • William and Ann

    The first european industry in New Zealand was whaling, and the first whaling ship William and Ann arrived in 1791.
  • sealers

    Sealers arrived from 1792.Similar to whaling, sealing took place in remote areas with large seal populations.The first sealing ship to arrive was called Britannia, and am American sealer is credited with the founding of Foveaux strait in 1804
  • flax trading

    it was discovered that New Zealand flax was particulary useful or rope used in boats and salings.The trade is recorded as takingking place as early as 1795 when the trade is recorded as taking place as early as 1795 when the fancy visited Thames to collect flax for Indian naval boats
  • fact

    in 1800 there where aboutt 120,000 maori in New Zealand
  • The Christians Priest and the Teachers

    They first arived in 1814 in the bay of Islands. Samuel Marsden and Thomas Kendell was Anglican missionaries from England based church missionarys society.He became the first auther of the dictionary.He also opened the first school in New Zealand.
  • Navy Ships

    British Navy Ships visited the bay of Island, Whangaroa and Thames for the first time in 1820
  • Henry Williams

    Henry Williams arrived in 1823, also the bay of Islands, and in the following years many more arrived spreading out from the bay of Islands into the top of the North Island.
  • Polynesion

    The Polynesions peoples origally came from Asia and over a lengthy period of exploration, spreed and settle through out the Pacic Islands.New Zealands was one of the last Island to settle, and the landscape and seasons are difrent to what the Polynesion were used to.