NYC - the birthplace of graffiti

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  • Tagging

    The first form of graffiti in New York
  • New styles

    New styles
    From 1971 to 1974, writers started using spray cans and making throw ups.
  • The buff

    The buff
    In 1972, the mayor of New York City declared war on graffiti.
  • murals

    In the late 70s, murals began to appear around the city.
  • murals

    Writers organized in crews, and by the summer of 1980, competition between crews had reached fever pitch.
  • competition between crews

    competition between crews
    The subway system provided an off tha hook line of communication between writers throughout the city.
  • The buff

    The buff
    The years 1980 to 1985 stands out as a particularly tough time for writers.
  • Spraying galleries

    Spraying galleries
    In an effort to control the writers, the New York authorities offer legal walls called spraying galleries like 5 Pointz in Queens.