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Nuclear power in u.s.

  • United States Atomic Energy Act of 1946

    Scientist who where researching the effects of radion on humans turned their attention towards peaceful reason for nuclear energy
  • Naval Reactor

    Naval Reactor
    The us navy made a naval reactor so they could power their ships longer
  • First nuclear reactor in u.s.a.

    First nuclear reactor in u.s.a.
    was opened by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as part of his Atoms for Peace program
  • Nuclear power gorws

    Nuclear power gorws
    Atomic energy commision thought that 1000 or more power plants would be made in the us by 2000
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was made to regulate saftey for the anticipation of nuclear reactors
  • Three mile island accident

    Three mile island accident
    the three mile island accident happens causing mass fear and hysteria over the saftey of nuclear power
  • Chernobyl disaster

    Chernobyl disaster
    chernobal disaster happens in Ukraine
  • Today

    to this date no nuclear reactors have ever been ordered in the united states since the three mile island disaster. And max made an awsome presentation on nuclear power ;)