Now one Foot, Now the Other

  • Bobbie was named after his Grandpa Bob.

    Bob told everyone that Bobbie wasn't gonna be able to say Grandpa till he was 3, so he's gonna have him call him Bob.
  • Bob helped Bobbie learn to walk

  • Period: to

    Bob and Bobbie would play with blocks.

    They'd build them up in a tower, with the elephant being the final piece... Bob being allergic would sneeze and knock them down.
  • Period: to

    Bobbie would sit on Bobs lap for stories

    Bobbie would tell Bob to tell him stories. Bob would tell him about how he taught Bobbie to walk.
  • Bobbie turns 5!

    Bob and Bobbie go to an amusement park, where they had so much fun riding rides. At night they watched the fireworks.
  • Bob gets very sick

    Bobbie's dad tells Bobbie that Bob had to go to the hospital because he had a stroke.
  • Period: to

    Months and months go by...

    Bob is in the hospital for months and months. Bobbie has a really hard time. He doesn't want to eat, or play...
  • Bob was coming home!

    Bobbie's dad tells Bobbie Bob is coming home, but is still very sick. He can't talk, and walk and doesn't know who we are Bobbie.
  • Bob lays in bed

    Bob doesn't know who Bobbie is, and lays in bed, or sits on the couch.
  • Bob makes a scary sound

    Bob startles Bobbie. Bobbie runs out in fear. He goes back and says sorry for running away. He asks Bob if he knows who he is? Bob winks. Bobbie knows Bob knows who he is.
  • Bobbie brings blocks down to build a tower

    Bobbie builds the tower, while Bob appears to be smiling. Bobbie builds it up tall like he and Bob did, saving the elephant for last. Bob makes a sneezing sound. Bobbie is so happy!
  • Period: to

    Bob slowly gets better

    Bob begins to talk more and more, he starts eating, but no walking.
  • Bobbie tells Bob stories

    Bob asks Bobbie to tell him stories. He then tells Bobbie, "You. me. walk." and Bobbie knows what he wants.
  • Bobbie helps Bob to walk

    Bobbie gets in front of Bob so Bob can use Bobbie as a guide and walker. Bobbie helps Bob learn to walk again.
  • Bob can walk to end of yard

    By the end of Summer Bob and Bobbie walk to the end of the yard.
  • Bobbie Turns 6

    Bobbie gets new blocks for him and Bob to play with.
  • Bobbie tells Bob how he taught him to walk.

    Bob tells stories... Bobbie tells stories...
    Bob asks Bobbie to tell him the story of how he taught Bob to walk again.

    Bobbie tells Bob how he taught him to walk again.