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North and South Korea

  • New ruler

    New ruler
    in 1897 King Kojong declared himself to be emperor of the Taehan Empire, an independent Korea
  • Japanese agents assassinate Queen Min

    Japanese agents assassinate Queen Min
    An independence reformer, in Gyeongbok Palace.
  • japans rule

    japans rule
    during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Japanese forces moved onto the peninsula, despite Korean declarations of neutrality.
  • more war

    more war
    when Japanese troops moved through Korea to attack Manchuria. These troops were never withdrawned they stayed and fought
  • protection

    The signing of the Japan-Korea Protection Treaty in 1905 gave Japan virtual control over Korea.
  • Japans rule

    Japans rule
    Japan colonizes Korea (1910-1945)
  • annexation

    In 1910 a Korean royal proclamation announced the annexation by Japan.
  • once one now two

    once one now two
    In 1948 two separate regimes were formally established—the Republic of Korea in the South, and the Democratic People's Republic under Communist rule in the North.
  • war!

    South declares independence, making North Korean invade
  • The two split

    The two split
    North and South split after WW2.
  • reunification

    The countries met several times during the 1980s to discuss reunification.
  • the meeings

    in 1990 there were three meetings between the prime ministers of North and South Korea.
  • New leader

    New leader
    Death of Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-il succeeds him as leader, but doesn't take presidential title.
  • new rail roads built

    In 2007 a rail crossing through the DMZ was symbolically reopened when two trains made test runs on the rebuilt track; regular rail service, over a short line, began late in the year.
  • improved...a little

    Relations with the North improved a little in Aug., 2009, but Lee emphasized that the North must adhere to the 2007 six-party agreement, and relations generally remained difficult.
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