Nolan Bushnell

By yaskan1
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    Nolan Bushnell

    Nolan Bushnell was born in Clearfield, Utah
  • Nolan Bushnell's Birth

    Nolan Bushnell was born in Clearfield Utah.
  • Graduation

    Bushnell graduated form the University of Utah electrical engineering program.
  • Spacewar Clone

    Bushnell and colleague Ted Dabney created the spacewar clone, "computer space" in a self-contained cabinet.
  • Atari

    Bushnell and Ted Dabney created the video game Atari. This video game became very popular to everyone.
  • Bushnell baught Dabney

    Bushnell bought out Dabney
  • Atari & Sears

    Atari became very popular during Christmas because Sears agreed to sell them at their store.
  • Warner Communications buys Atari

    The Warner brothers bought Atari
  • Atari 2600

    The Atari 2600 was introduced. This made gaming more moderized back then.
  • Pizza Time Theatre

    Nolan Bushnell purchased Pizza Time Theatre from Warner Communications.
  • Bushnell out of Company

    After Warner Communications bought Atari, Bushenll was forced out of buisness.
  • Chuck E Cheese

    Bushnell created the area where kids could play games and have fun and eat pizza.
  • Baknruptcy

    Bushnell resigned from Chuck E Cheese as it entered banksuptcy.
  • uWink

    Bushnell most recent company that he has started.
  • Game Based Learning

    Nolan Bushnell was inducted to the Hall of Fame
  • Nolan Bushnell Now

    Nolan Bushnell now is creater of 20 companies. His is inducted in Hall of Fames for games.