German shepherd

No More Dead Dogs!

By graceh
  • The Book Report

    The Book Report
    Middle schooler Wallace Wallace is assigned to write a book report on the book "Old Shep, My Pal," by his teacher, Mr. Fogelman. In his report, he states that it was the worst book he ever read, and that he would not recommend it to his worst enemy. Wallace doesn't specify why he hated the book in his report, and the assignment is not well written. This picture shows the grade Wallace got on the report. One can infer even before reading that Wallace failed because of his lack of effort.
  • Detention!

    Mr. Fogelman gives Wallace a detention. He says that Wallace must serve detention until he writes a better book report. This means Wallace may not play on the school football team, the Giants, where he is the quarterback. Because Mr. Fogelman is the director of the schoolplay, Wallace must sit through the rehearsels for his detentions. This picture shows Mr. Fogelman's emotions after reading Wallace's report. He was not pleased with his student insulting classic literature.
  • Old Shep, Dead Mutt

    Old Shep, Dead Mutt
    The cast of the school play, "Old Shep, my Pal," come to rehearsel one day to find that someone has spray painted "Old Shep, Dead Mutt," over one of the pieces of scenery. Everyone thinks it was Wallace because of his book report incident. Rachel Turner, the actress playing the lead, is very unhappy with Wallace, while her best friend, Trudy Davis has a crush on him. This picture shows someone spray painting a wall, which shows how the mystery tagger vandalized the scenery.
  • Wallace changes the script

    Wallace changes the script
    Wallace starts contributing suggestions to the play while he is sitting in for rehearsels. He makes the play more modern, and makes the lines less awkward. People are curious as to why he would be trying to help, if he was the one who spray painted the scenery. This light bulb represents the ideas that Wallace contibuted, since ideas often come in flashes, as if a light bulb lit up in your head.
  • The Last Straw...

    The Last Straw...
    Rachel has just about had it with Wallace. She thinks everyone should just listen to the director, not Wallace. She doesn't approve of this cahnges. She begins to yell at him, saying he has no talent for playwrighting, and that he should return to the football field. Wallace says he is going to leave. Rachel feels bad for yelling, and Wallace ends up staying and offering more ideas. This lion represents Rachel. Although she initially seemed content, it wasn't a good idea to mess with her!
  • Mr. Fogelman gives in.

    Mr. Fogelman gives in.
    Mr. Fogelman finally tells everyone that they can do the play their own way, instead of his way. He said that he hated to reward Wallace for "vandalizing" the play, but that it would be best for everyone. Wallace's ideas, such as having a scene where Old Shep is hit by a motorcycle, are finally accepted by Mr. Fogelman. This is a major turning point for his character. This picture shows one of Wallace's craziest ideas. I was shocked when the director approved of it!
  • Wallace is let off the hook

    Wallace is let off the hook
    Mr. Fogelman ends Wallace's detention. He says that he is letting Wallace off the hook because of all of his help. However, Wallace figures out that the real reason Mr. Fogelman "let him off the hook" was because he didn't want Wallace at practice anymore. He figured that if Wallace was gone, things would go back to the way they had been. Wallace is upset, and quits the football team to help out with the play. The snake represents Mr Fogelman's sly plan, and how he sneakily tricked Wallace.
  • The Newspaper publishes a new article

    The Newspaper publishes a new article
    Parker Schmidt, aka Porker Zit, is a writer for the school newspaper who never gets his facts right. When he interviews Trudi Davis about Wallace quitting the team, she tells him that she is his girlfriend. He publishes an article stating that Wallace quit the team for love and rumors are spread that Wallace is Trudi's boyfriend. Rachel is very upset with Trudi. This picture shows an old fashioned paperboy. Like the paperboy was eager to spread the news, Parker was eager to spread the gossip.
  • The shredder

    The shredder
    A week before the show, someone shreds forty-five scripts for the play. Wallace's jersey is found next to the shredder. Everyone is upset, and Wallace is blamed. He claims he didn't do it, and Rachel, (who originaly hated him), is the only one who believes him. She offers to help him, and he gets mad,blaming Rachel for the mess. She told everyone he was ruining the play, which was why he was blamed for the shredding. This picture symbolizes the shredder. He was evil to let Wallace get blamed.
  • The Show

    The Show
    On the night of the show, Old Shep rides onto the stage during the last scene and blows up. Wallace finds out backstage that it was Rachel's little brother Dylan. He wanted to mess up the play because he was angry about Wallace quitting the team. Everyone tries to go with the flow on the stage, but after the play ends, Rachel asks Wallace if it was him. This picture shows what the stage must have looked like during the final scene. Everyone was wondering where the explsion came from.
  • The lie

    The lie
    Wallace knows Rachel will not believe him if he tells her that her brother did it. Wallace claims to have never told a lie his entire life, but this was his first. He tells Rachel that he blew up Old Shep. Rachel punches him in the stomach. The next day, she realizes that she is really crazy about Wallace. She apologizes to him, and everything is alright. This picture shows how Rachel and Wallace end up as friends in the end. Despite their past, Rachel and Wallace were able to hug and make up.