nintendo's history

  • N.E.S.

    Nintendo starting out small. Nintedo entertainment system or N.E.S. for short hooked 6 million buyers.
  • Game boy

    Game boy
    Nintedo's first portable game system selling 150 million units worldwide.
  • S.N.E.S.

    Nintendo upgraded Super Nintendo Entertainment System or S.N.E.S. for short sold 49 million units 43 million more than the original.
  • virtual boy

    virtual boy
    Nintendo's first failier. Trying to create a gameing system that would bring you into the game but after a few month people proved it caused eye strain and headaches and stops virtual boy production.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Hooked million's of people with it's amazing gameplay, grafic's

    and 3D simulation.
  • Game Boy Pocket

    Game Boy Pocket
    Found it's way intpo million's of people worldwideit was smaller than the original game boy making it ideal for travel and it came in a variety of different color.
  • Game Boy Advance

    Game Boy Advance
    Selling 10 million the game boy advance had better grafic's and a larger sceen.
  • Nintendo GameCube

    Nintendo GameCube
    First game system ever to use disk's instead of cartridges. Nintendo gamecube increased grafic's and gameplay from the Nintendo 64.
  • Game Boy Advance SP

    Game Boy Advance SP
    smaller,lighter it fold's and it has a recharable battery the Game Boy Advance SP was the fisrt TRUE portable gameing system.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    Two sceen's a micraphone and Wi-Fi the Nintendo Double Sceen beat it's compediter's by far.
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    Nintendo DS Lite
    Alot like the DS except with some new features (camera, animation etc.)
  • Wii

    Wirrerless remote Wi-Fi and some other features the Nintedo Wii is the best selling game system so far.