By gchoi
  • Period: to

    The Nintendo Entertainment System

    -8 bit video game console
    -released in different contents in different years.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo game boy

    -First one released in japan
    -it costs $53
  • Period: to

    super ninendo

    -costs $79.99
    -can play 20 super nes games
    -sold 61.9 milion
  • Virtual Boy

    Virtual Boy
    Sold it for 179.99
    The virtual boy you were able to rent for only 9.99
    Only 22 games were released on game boy
  • Nintendo64

    was sold for 199 dollars
    Only sold 33 million
  • Game Boy Color

    Game Boy Color
    it sold for 89.99 when first released
    you could fit the game boy color into your pocket.
  • Game Boy Advance

    Game Boy Advance
    When first released sold for 99.99 dollars.
    they sold altogether 81.51 million game boy advance.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo game cube

    They sold 22 million Nintendo game cubes worldwide.
    Sold it for 199 dollars.
  • Period: to

    Game boy advance SP

    Sold for 99.99
    Sold 81.48 units worldwide
  • Period: to

    Nintendo DS

    Sold for 149.99
    They have sold 152.02 million Nintendo DS from 11/21/04 to 19/30/18
  • Period: to

    Game Boy micro

    Sold for 99 dollars'
    Sold 2.42 million units
  • Period: to

    Nintendo DS lite

    Sold in the U.S for $129.99
    Were able to sell 93.86 million Nintendo DS lite worldwide
  • Period: to


    Sold for 250 dollars
    Sold 101.63 million Wii's worldwide
  • Period: to

    Nintendo DS

    They sold 18 million throughout its life span.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo DS XL

    They sold it for $169
  • Period: to

    Nintendo 3DS

    They have sold 75.71 units in its lifespan
    It costs $250
  • Period: to

    Nintendo 3DS

    they have sold 75.71 million Nintendo 3DS
    When it forst came out the price was $250
  • Nintendo 3DS XL

    Nintendo 3DS XL
    They sold 75.71 million
    Costs 250 dollars
  • Period: to

    Nintendo 3DS XL

    It costs $250
    They have sold 382.22 million
  • Period: to

    Wii U

    They have sold 13.56 million Wii U
  • Period: to

    Nintendo 2DS

    They have sold 2.1 million
    They sell for 129.99
  • Period: to

    Nintendo 2DS XL

    They have sold 2.1 million
    They cost $149.99
  • Period: to

    Nintendo switch

    Costs $299
    Software sales they have sold 356.24 million
    It hasn't stop selling yet
  • Period: to

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    They are sold out right now because of coronovirus
  • Period: to

    Wii mini

    This is a $99 console.
    (BTW they haven't stop selling these but I just put 2020 cause it won't let me not put anything there for end date)