Tesla circa 1890


  • Birth

    Nicola Tesla was born in Smiljan
  • Primary School

    Enrolls in first class of Primary School in Smiljan.
  • Period: to

    Gymnasium Karlovac

    Thanks to his hard work, Tesla managed to enter the Gymnasium Karlovac high school and finished his four-year school in three years with outstanding success.
  • Period: to

    Austrian Graz Polytechnic School

    Although he was very successful in the first year here, he gained the habit of gambling in the following years. This event overshadowed his success and he lost his scholarship. Tesla could not tell his family that he was gambling and never got enough points to finish school. Unable to tell the truth to his family, Tesla left school.
  • Painter

    He started working as a painter at the Tesla Central Telegraph Office.
  • Period: to

    Chief Electrician

    Tesla became chief electrician at Budapest's Telephone Exchange. While working here, he made significant improvements in the equipment of the central station.
  • Alternating Current

    He found alternating current.
  • Period: to

    Equipment Designer

    Tesla's creativity attracted attention and he was employed in the Edison Company Europe, located in France. He worked there for two years as an equipment designer, then went to New York to work with Thomas Edison to redesign current generators.
  • Period: to


    Tesla left Edison and decided to establish his own company.
  • Begins Experiments on High Frequency Currents

    This new field of alternating current will be at the center of his research during the last decade of the nineteenth century.
  • Radyo Frekans Alternatörü

    He invented the Radio Frequency Alternator.
  • Tesla Coil

    He invented the Tesla Coil.
  • Elliott Cresson Medal

    He won the Elliott Cresson Medal.
  • Niagara Falls Project

    Tesla doubted that the Niagara project would not work. But when the button was pressed, all the lights came on. A significant amount of electricity was produced from Niaraga Falls.
  • Remote Control

    He invented the remote control.
  • Remote Radio Control

    Marconi put the radio in front of us physically for the first time, but of course, Nikola Tesla was the father of the invention and Tesla is known as the "father of radio" today. Not only did Tesla receive the first radio patents, but in 1893 (two years before Marconi began working on radio) he gave a hands-on lecture on how radio broadcasts worked.
  • Wireless Electricity to the World

    Tesla offered to provide wireless electricity to the whole world. But when JP Morgan realized that this was to provide free electricity to the whole world and preferred to act in his own interests, he decided at the last minute to stop funding the project and invest in another Edison's project.
  • Period: to

    A Transmission Tower Laboratory Is Established on Long Island

    Construction of a laboratory and tower for the World Wireless Transmission System, designed by the famous American architect Stanford White, begins in 1901. It was completed in 1902, but the tower was never finished as originally envisioned. According to Tesla's plan, electrical signals from the transmission tower would be sent wirelessly over Earth, a conductive planet, and received anywhere on Earth.
  • IEEE Edison Medal

    He won the IEEE Edison Medal.
  • John Scott Medal

    He won the John Scott Medal.
  • Death

    Tesla dies of heart failure.