Nightmare Before Christmas Timeline

  • Intro Music

    Intro Music
    The characters that live in Halloween town sing a song to introduce everyone.
  • Forest Walk

    Forest Walk
    Jack walks through the forest with his dog, Zero. Finding the trees for all holidays, he stumbles into the Christmas one.
  • Returning

    After Jack returns home from Christmas town, he tells the denizens of Halloween town about Christmas
  • Science with Jack

    Science with Jack
    Jack studies Christmas for ages and Sally helps him secretly.
  • Vision

    Sally gets a vision about what happens if Jack tries to replicate Christmas. But he ignores her.
  • Sally imprisoned

    Sally imprisoned
    The doctor locks Sally away for trying to poison him again. She watches Jack like a freak.
  • Jack is Santa now

    Jack is Santa now
    Jack flies away on his "sleigh" and Sally gets very concerned, singing a song.
  • Preparations for Christmas

    Preparations for Christmas
    Jack prepares for Christmas, and for stealing it. He assigns people to kidnap Santa, and they deliver him to the Oogie Boogie instead.
  • Christmas?

    Jack tries to make Christmas happen, scaring children with "presents".
  • Murder

    The Oogie Boogie captures Sally, and the police shoot Jack.
  • Realization

    Jack is actually alive, despite what Halloween Town thinks. He realizes his mistakes, and fixes Christmas.
  • Finished

    Jack sneaks in to the Boogie man's lair, and finishes him, saving Sally and Santa.
  • Ending

    Santa gifts the creatures of Halloween snow, and Jack now loves Sally