Niels Bohr

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    Biography | Niels Bohr

  • Niels Henrik David Bohr - Born

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Began work @ Cavendish Laboratory

    Traveled to work with JJ Thomson (credited with the discovery of the electron) at Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University. While initially excited at the possibility of working with Thomson, Niels criticized his work and highlighted mistakes in his work.
  • Bohr meets and begins lifelong partnership with physicist Ernest Rutherford

    Niels Bohr meets Enest Rutherford during a visit to Cambridge where a mutual respect and profound friendship begins. The catalyst for this event is Rutherfords work on the model of the atom a microscopically massive nucleus surrounded by distant electrons that resembled a solar system.
  • Bohr publishes work on his model of the atom

    In the magazine called "Philosophical Magazine" Bohr published a trilogy of papers titled "On the Constitution of Atoms
    and Molecules" that detailed Bohr's work on the model of the atom. While the work was largely based on the Rutherford model of the atom, it was focused at the quantum level. This move began the paradigm shift of the atomic model from standard Newtonian physics to a new understanding of the atom and "quantum physics".
  • Inauguration of Institute of Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen

    A research institute was established in Copenhagen, called the Institute of Theoretical Physics. At inception Bohr was a director, reflecting the incredible work he put into it from its planning in 1917 and beyond. It would be posthumously renamed the Niels Bohr Institute, due to his immense impact to the scientific community.
  • Bohr awarded Nobel Prize

    The year after Einstein himself was awarded the Nobel Prize, Niels Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922.
  • Died