New Zeeland

  • First clash

    The first-ever clash between Māori and British troops
  • Trety of Waitangi

  • First war

    The first Taranaki war began on 17 March 1860.
  • The end of first war

  • Second war

  • The Maori change of religion

    Ca. 1864
  • End of second war

  • Third war

  • End of third war

  • Maori begin ploughing land belonging to Britain.

  • Volunteers invaded Parihaka.

    In November 1881 more than 1,500 armed constabulary and volunteers invaded Parihaka. Te Whiti and Tohu were arrested, many houses were destroyed, and a large number of residents were forcibly evacuated. The invasion of Parihaka is often now considered part of the Taranaki wars.