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New Zealand mining disasters

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    New Zealand Mining disasters

  • Kaitangata Mine disaster

    Katiangata Mine South Otago
    34 men were killed. the men were killed not from the explosion but from black damp, a suffocating mixture of nitrogen and cabon dioxide gases.
  • Brunner Mine disaster

    Brunner Mine disaster
    9.30am an explosion blew through the Brunner Mine just North of Greymouth. Two men were sent to investigate the accident and were found later unconsious from black damp.
    65 men and boys died and this disaster remains the worst mining disaster in New Zealand.
    Even today when visiting the site of the mine a smell of gases is very strong.
  • Strongman Mine Disaster

    Strongman Mine Disaster
    10am An explosion occured at Strongmen Mine North of Greymouth. At the time Strongman Mine was the largest underground mine in New Zealand and had an impeccable safety record since its opening in 1939. At the time of the explosion there were 240 men working but the fire ball hit a wet patch in the mine and slowed down and extinguished itself.
    19 men were killed. The mine is still on fire today, Flooding the mine has not worked as they have been unable to block all air holes.
  • Roa mine

    A local man was killed when part of the Roa mine in Blackball collasped on him.
  • Black Reef mine

    A man was killed when the Blcak Reef mine was suddenly flooded.
  • Pike River Mine disaster

    The latest mining disaster in New Zealandwas Pike River.
    This disaster took 29 men and has shattered the close knit community of the West Coast. The mine was rocked by another large explosion on the 24th November and rescue efforts were abandoned.