New Nation

Timeline created by Harmony07
  • Pennsylvania’s constitution of 1776

    Pennsylvania’s constitution of 1776
    The Pennsylvania constitution included the declaration of rights that coincided with the Virginia declaration of rights in 1776.
  • A tariff war

    A tariff war
    A tariff war is an economic battle between two countries in which Country A raises taxes on country B and Country B raises taxes on country a exports in retaliation.
  • Constitution

    The United States Constitution is drafted in Philadelphia PA.This document strengthens the federal government.
  • Tempers flare

    Tempers flare
    People became angry tempers flare and fight broke out.
  • A new state constitution

    A new state constitution
    State constitution is a document that lays down governmental structure, political proceeds, and limitations on the use of power by a state in the U.S. They also May contain more detail rules and regulations as they are deal with day to day matters relating to citizens and the government.
  • First political party

    First political party
    The federalists survive in the northeast but their refusal to support the war of 1812 verged on succession and was devastating blow when the war ended.
  • The whisky rebellion

    The whisky rebellion
    The government put taxes on whisky which caused angry people to start the whisky rebellion.
  • Fries Rebellion

    Fries Rebellion
    The fries rebellion also known as The house tax rebellion and the home tax rebellion, was armed revolt among Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.
  • The war of 1812

    The war of 1812
    Conflict fought between the U.S and Great Britain over British violations of the U.S Maritime rights.
  • Battle of lake Eire

    Battle of lake Eire
    The battle of Lake Erie sometimes called the battle of put-in-bay was fought on Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio during the war of 1812.Nine vessels of the U.S navy defended and captured six vessels of the British Royal Navy.