New Mexico during WW2

  • WW2 started

    Hitler and Germay's allies declared war in europe and the Jewish people.
  • Period: to


  • United States proclaims its neutrality

  • Nazis invade France, Belgium

  • Holland surrenders

  • Belgium surrenders

  • Norway surrenders

  • Italy declares war on Britain and France

  • First German air raids on London

  • First British air raid on Berlin

  • Pact signed by Germany, Italy and Japan

  • Italy invades Greece and Albania

  • Germany invades Romania

  • Allies invade Syria and Lebanon

  • The U.S.A entered WW2

  • Italy and Germany declare war against the US

  • Japan Captures Bataan

  • American naval victory at Battle of Midway

    marks turning point in Pacific War - 4 Japanese carriers sunk
  • Germans move towards Stalingrad in the USSR

  • WW2 ends