Hfc feb 2012 010

New Facility

  • Period: to


  • Info on barn availability

  • First Tour

    Pastors and wives
  • Conversation with landlord

    Initial conversation shows benefits to both parties. HFC's needs in a facility will be met by the landlord's plans for the barn.
  • Meeting #2 with landlord

    Clarification of mutual goals
  • Council Meeting

    Enthusiasm building for potential lease
  • Tour #2

    Entire church council
  • Prayer Walk around barn

  • Landlord meets with county

    Failure by previous owner to meet all county requirements for parking spaces he put in.
  • Proposal for Foursquare

    Who: Margie
    What: gathering all documents necessary to submit to Jay Schmitt at District Office
  • Proposal by architecht

    To be presented on April docket at county meeting
  • Anticipated approval by county

  • Interior modifications

    3 handicapped bathrooms, service/personnel elevator, entryway
  • Anticipated Approval by Foursquare Headquarters

  • Hopeful move in date