Nevado Del Ruiz Eruptions

  • Volcanic Mudflow:

    A large ash cloud formed over the volcano and instantly darkened the town. A mudflow proceeded, down into the surrounding valleys and riv ers, killing all life in the river and all vegetation that crossed its path. The death toll was near 600 people and was the worst eruption until 1985.
  • Volcanic Mudflow

    A large earthquake triggered the mudflow; the mudflow followed the same path into Lagunillas River as it had almost 300 years before. It was estimated the mudflow killed over 1000 people.
  • Eruption

    Scientists observing Nevado Del Ruiz in 1984 noticed an increase in volcanic activity. The volcano had little eruptions and eventually erupted lava that was predicted to be on the edge for a while. The eruption once again destroyed the neighbouring town of Amero and killed 23 thousand of the 27 thousand residents