Niel bohr

Niels Bohr

  • Niels Bohr birth

    Niels Bohr birth
    Born in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Bohr Atomic Model

    Bohr Atomic Model
    Proposed the model of atom with certain properties. Electrons circles neutrons and protons with discreet orbital patterns. These electrons tends to stay exactly where they are within their orbits unless acted upon by exterior forces. When these electrons jumps, they emits radiation and will eventually comes back to their original orbit of stability.
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    Bohr Manhattan Project Involvement

    Contributes his knowledge of nuclear fission, splitting of atoms, which in turns cause a chain reaction. The creation of atomic bomb heightens national security, but most importantly, the attainment of knowledge progression from atomic bomb development.
  • Bohr Complimentary Principles

    Describes behavioral patterns of objects on atomic and subatomic level. These objects are considered as the smallest entities that were discovered around the 1990s and are referred to as quantum. Quantum phenomena on such scale cannot be accurately observed and measured at the same time. These quanta can exhibit properties of either particle or waves, but not simultaneously.
  • Bohr Compound-Nucleus Model

    Bohr Compound-Nucleus Model
    The emission of photon or other particle bombardment into the nucleus, causing a reaction towards an excites state. In this excited state, the nucleus contains high energy, comprise of large number of interactions, and tends to decay over time into different compound.
  • Bohr Liquid Droplet Model

    Bohr Liquid Droplet Model
    Represents the splitting of nucleus in the shape of liquid drop. When a neutron particle is shot into a nucleus, the splitting of nucleus occurs in the dumbbell shape of a liquid. This dumbbell shape nucleus can potentially split into two separate compounds as a result.
  • Niels Bohr death

    Niels Bohr death
    Passes away at the age of 77. Copenhagen, Denmark.