Unit 2

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  • early anime

    The earliest Anime was found in Kyoto, Japan. It present a sailor removing his hat and saluting
  • WW2

    Japanese government urged animators to produce animations which enforced the Japanese spirit and national affiliation. Most anime in this time period was propaganda.
  • Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors

    The first feature-length Anime film. It was fund by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • the first work of "The Father of Manga and Anime"

    Osamu Tezuka created his first work at the age of 17, "Diary of Ma-chan", inspired by the creations of Walt Disney.
  • Otogi Manga Calendar

    Otogi Manga Calendar is an anime series of Otogi Productions. It was the first anime series that were on television in Japan, but the consequences were only a few minutes.
  • The father

    Astro Boy, a Manga written by Osamu Tezuka, was the creation that sent Osamu Tezuka into the history books as "The Father of Manga and Anime".
    Astro Boy was the first Anime series that ran 25-minute long.
  • First Anime Space Opera Series

    Space Battleship Yamato was the first Anime space opera series. This Anime were inspired from the success of the Star Wars movies.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam

    Mobile Suit Gundam, was the first Anime with the real robot genre. Real robot is an Anime genre with mecha robots that had weapon sources based on todays science. This was the start of a completely new genre in the anime universe
  • Dragonball

    This Anime was originally a Manga series untill it hit the air and became one of the most famous Animes in Japan. Arguably the biggest anime of all time
  • Pokémon

    Pokémon is created by Satoshi Tajiri and went from a japanese video game to an Anime, Manga, card game, and so much more. It became one of the most popular Animes in America.
  • Doraemon, the First Anime Ambasador

    Doraemon, the First Anime Ambasador
    2008 Japan created the position of Anime Ambassador, Doraemon, to promote Animes worldwide.