Community college timeline

Timeline created by landamcgill
  • Nation's first Jr college

    Joliet in Illinois added a fifth and sixth year of courses to a high school curriculum.
  • dual enrollment

    educational supplement allowing high school students to take college credit classes.
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    job training programs added to community colleges to reduce unemployment.
  • Period: to

    Baby boomers reach college age

    The number of community colleges and enrollments soared. Enrollment in 65 was about 1M. By 70 doubled to 2.2M and by 80 4.3M
  • Period: to

    Minority enrollment

    rose to 33%
  • Period: to

    Challenges for community colleges

    Keeping community college affordable and the ability to quickly adapt to demands of the times.
  • Period: to


    employer/community college partnerships provide specific job training and certificate.