Natasha, Cane and Mikey American History 1950-1960

  • sports

    Alot of sport were famous in this time such as....
    Race caring
    and sort kinda of baseball.
  • Fashion

    Woman wore fair clothes, that fit there body shape, dresses were more used, fashion started to became a huge deal then in later 1960 they started to use skirts like the poodle and all.
  • I love lucy

    I love lucy
    I love lucy first aired
  • seat belts

    seat belts
    seat belt were invented
  • harry truman

    harry truman
    he was the 33rd president until 1953.
  • War eneded

    War eneded
    United states signed a tresty with Japan.
  • Telvison

    colored tv was invented
  • disneyland was opend

    disneyland was opend
  • emmeet till

    emmeet till
    was a young boy who was beaten and murder just because he whisled at a white young lady.
  • rosa parks

    rosa parks
    rosa parks refused to give her seat to awhite person
  • civil rights movement

    civil rights movement
    AT this time civil rights movment was bulding up. Black had no equal rights. for example they were not to eat in the same place as a white person.
  • Elvis pres;ey

    Elvis pres;ey
    He was a famous rocken roll star!
  • cat in the hat

    cat in the hat
    cat in the hat first aired
  • movie

    1958- around the world in 80 day's movie
  • nasa was formed

    nasa was formed
  • Marlilyn Monroe

    Marlilyn Monroe
    Did alot of movies at this time period.
  • hawaii and alaska

    hawaii and alaska
    both of these territories became states and part of the united states. The 49th and 50th state.