nasa acomplishments

  • Monkeys in Space

    A monkey named Albert was one of the first animals to go in space. This event was important becausewhile the monkey was up there they were able to conduct alot of expirements. It also paved a way for technology.
  • Sputnik 1 Launched

    Sputnik 1 was the first satellite launched by Russians. This was made to scare the Americans with a shiny figure and new look, with a beeping noise on your radio. This was important because it started the space race between the Americans and the Russians, therefore giving us the new technology we have today.
  • Dog in Space

    Dog in Space
    The first dog to go up in space was called Laika. This dog was sent up from Russia in Sputnik 2. The dog in space died.It was important because it showed them how they needed to make the shuttles.
  • 1st US satellite succesfully launched

    Explorer 1 was the first U.S.A successfully lauched. Launched by the army. It was launched in Florida 4 months after Sputnik 1.
    It is important because it was the 1st major discoverey of the space age.
  • NASA founded

    NASA founded
    NASA was started by Jhon F. Kennedy, after Russia (U.S.S.R) staretd rubbing in our faces about there satellite and how they were so much more educated then us. This was important to us because the NASA helped us prove Russia wrong.
  • 1st man on the moon

    Neil Armstrong was one of the first people to walk on the moon. They traveled to the moon in Apollo 11. This was important because it proved that the U.S people could finally do something.
  • 1st man to orbit earth

    1st man to orbit earth
    He was a strong man named John Glenn. He rode in a shuttle called "Friendship 7".
    This allowed us to get a closer look at the world around us from a human eye.
  • first women in space

    Valentinia Viaidimironua Nikolayea was the first female tom go up to space. She was also the frist one not to be a test piloit first before she became a astronaunt.
    This was importaunt because it prove that even women could be astronaunt.
  • 1st space walk

    The 1st space walk was performed by Alexi Leonovi. It lasted about 20 minutes. It was significant because it was the first space walk ever in the world.
  • 1st U.S spacewalk

    This happen during the Gemini mission 4. They spacewalk for 23 minutes. This was important because it lead to better spacesuits for the climate of space.
  • Gemini 7

    The Gemini 7 was a satellite that was very useful. It collected information of the world. It was significant because it seems like it was the fasted satellite because as soon as it was launched it stareted collecting data. So it seems that it was the fastest it was the main data base in the sky.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    It was a space craft that led to 1st flight to take men to the vincity of the moon. It was the first space craft to almost have a flawless mission.