Nano Nagle

  • Priests were registered

    Priests had to be registered, they had to pay 50 pounds to stay, and promise not to act like priests.
  • Famine

    Ireland is struck by a famine, Irish are permitted to trade Youghal
  • Period: to

    Severe Famine

    A severe famine affects Ireland, about 400,000 people die
  • Whiteboys

    Men called whiteboys (because they wear white shirts or smocks to disguise themselves) destroy fences and attack cattle of lanndowners
  • Oakboys and Steelboys

    The Oakboys and Steelboys protest about rent and rates.
  • Catholics can buy land

    Catholic people are allowed to buy land
  • Catholic are Relieved

    Catholics are allowed to be lawyers, catholics are allowed to marry Protestants
  • Catholics can vote

    Catholics can vote, enter legal professions, hold certain public offices, allowed to bear arms and allowed to go to Trinity College, Dublin.