• Invention of The Typewriter

    Invention of The Typewriter
    the invention of the type writer was good because it gave womens secretary jobs. it was invented by chris sholes.
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  • the start of the nations first transcontinental railroad

  • Invention of The Telephone

    Invention of The Telephone
    the telephone was invented by alexander graham bell. the invention of the telephone was also good for women because it gave them jobs.
  • End of The reign of queen liliuokalani

    End of The reign of queen liliuokalani
    queen liliuokalani of hawaii decided that her reign as queen had to come to an end.
  • The U.S.S Maine Explodes

    The U.S.S Maine Explodes
    The U.S.S Maine was blown up at the harbor of havana. More than 260 Men Were Killed
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand is Assassionated

    Archduke was the heir to the austrian throne, visited sarajevo. while the royal entourage drove through the city, a man by the name of Gavrillo Princip stepped out of the crowd and shot the archduke and his wife.
  • The Fighting Starts

    Germany Invaded Belgium. Following a stratagy known as the schlieffen plan.
  • Living on Credit

    Although many americans appeared to be properous during the 1920's, in fact they were living beyond their means. they often bought goods on credit an arangement in which consumers agreed to buy now and pay later for purcheses. this was often in the form of an installment that included interset charges.
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnact means "night of broken glass". this was the first real attack against the jews during world war 2. On November 9-10 the nazi storm troopers attacked jewish homes, bussinessess, and synagogues across germany. around 100 jews were killed where as 3000 jews were arrested.
  • Joseph Stalin Transforms the Soviet Union

    Joesph Stalin was the leader of the soviet union during world war 2. he focused on creating a model communist state. in doing so, he made both agricultural and insustrial Growth the prime economic goals of the soviet union.
  • The Nazis Take Over Germany.

    The Leader of the nazis Adolf Hitler had followed a path of power similar to mussolini's. in 1919 he joined the national socialist german workers party which in german the first letter of each on of them spells nazi. He belived that the aryans were the supirior group of people. Hitler burned down the reichstag to become dictator of germany. then it all went down hill from there.
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  • the attack on pearl harbor.

    The Japanese bombed pearl harbor. this is when america became involvd with world war 2. more than 180 japenese planes were sent to attack peral harbor. the japanese killed 2,403 americans.
  • the us and britain join forces

  • Recruting and Discriminataion

  • JFK Elected President

  • JFK assainated