My visit to France

By borlena
  • Troyes

    The rich historical past Troyes, beginning with the settlement of the tribe trikassov.In the Middle Ages Troyes became the residence of the feudal counts who ruled the whole of Champagne. The city was decorated with numerous churches and almshouses, and crowded fairs have made him one of the most prosperous centers of medieval Europe. Now it is a town with a population of about 60 thousand people. House, built in the XVI century, and still are, like the picturesque. scenery of the feature.
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    Visit to France

  • Reims

    Reymssky Cathedral is one of the most famous specimens of Gothic art in France due to its architectural and sculptural compositions and included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO . Beginning with the Middle Ages and up to the XIX century this cathedral was the site of the coronation of almost all the French monarchs
  • Metz

    The settlements of ancient people in the Mets exist, according to available data, has for thousands of years BC. In the Middle Ages Troyes became the residence of the feudal counts who ruled the whole of Champagne.
  • Strasbourg

    Strasbourg Cathedral is one of Europe's most beautiful example of gothic architecture. The stunning pink sandstone facade is quite unique and breathtaking. Be sure to wander inside, where intricate carvings captivate. Each day at 12:30 pm, visitors can see the circa-1800s astrological clock with its lengthy show. The cathedral is also a hub of activity, with shops and restaurants nearby. The courtyard out from hosts the city's immensely popular Christmas market.

    One of the most magical cities in Alsace . The first is a city of wine. It is surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. This perfectly preserved houses that were built in 16-17 century. Many of them still have wells and fountains.
  • Colmar

    Colmar - one of the oldest towns in France. His birth was a thing of the year 823. Colmar - the capital of Alsace wines. The city holds a rich cultural and historical heritage. Extensive pedestrian areas allow visitors to the city to meet the unique monuments of architecture in Colmar.
  • Dijon

    Dijon is the ancient capital of Burgundy, is situated in central France . He stands on the river, and Vm is the port on the Burgundy Canal. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, the center of cultural and gastronomic mecca.
  • Bon

    The hospital "Hotel Dieu" ( CHF. Ĥotel-Dieu ) is an example of one of the first hospices in the Middle Ages - the orphanage and hospital for the poor. This annual charity wine auction conducted under the auspices of the almshouses Bona.