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My Sister's Keeper IR Project

  • The Discovery

    The Discovery
    Background Info Kate was diagnosed with APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia) at the age of two.
  • Reaction

    Without hesitation, the Fitzgerald's decide to start Kate on chemotherapy.
  • Losing Hair

    Losing Hair
    Background Info One week after starting chemotherapy, two year old Kate begins to lose her hair.
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    Background Info After being told that a genetically matched sibling could be used to help save Kate, they tested her brother Jesse, and he wasn't a match. So, her parents decided to have one made.
  • Possible Remission

    Possible Remission
    Background Info After three months of chemotherapy, the doctors observe that Kate's body might be in remission, meaning that blood counts are returning to normal. This also includes the possible chance of relapse.
  • Going Public

    Going Public
    Sara and Brian Fitzgerald are invited on a television show to explain what they are going through and why the have come to the decision of having their baby made.
  • Anna Is Born

    Anna Is Born
    Anna is born on New Year's Eve and right after her birth, her umbilical cord is preserved for a blood transfusion for Kate.
  • Relapse

    After 5 years, Kate (8) has a molecular relapse and another blood tranfusion is needed from Anna (5).
  • Invisible Kids

    Invisible Kids
    Jesse (10) wants to go to the store to buy soccer cleats with his mom, but she tells him that Kate (8) is too sick and she has cleared her schedule in case Kate needs to be rushed to the hospital. So, Jesse rips out his braces and say she won't have to take him anywhere anymore.
  • Wasted Miracles?

    Wasted Miracles?
    Sara and Brian got Kate a goldfish for her 8th birthday. One day while Sara was cleaning, she bumped the shelf that the fish was in and almost killed it, but was able to put it back in water. Another day, the tap water was bad and went out of her way to figure out what was wrong and saved the fish again. Sara then asked herself is she had used all of her saving miracles on the fish, instead of her own daughter.
  • Clinical Relaspse

    Clinical Relaspse
    Bone Marrow Transplant Kate (11) has another clinical relapse that results in Anna (8) having to do another painful bone marrow transplant. This actually helps and Kate's white blood cell count rises.
  • Embarassed

    After another round of chemotherapy and Kate's hair falls out again, she is embarassed to go anywhere. So, as a solution Sara and Anna both shave their heads and they all go to the mall.
  • Standing Out

    Standing Out
    Anna (11) takes up hockey and is really good. Sara and Brian do everything to support her since this is the first time she has ever gotten to do a real sport.
  • Acting Out

    Acting Out
    Jesse (15) begins his acting out by flushing a home-made bomb down the toilet as school and blowing up the plumbing system. When Sara finds out and yells at him, he confesses that he has been donating blood every 3 days for Kate.
  • Arsenic Therapy

    Arsenic Therapy
    Arsenic Therapy Info Brian and Sara decide to put Kate (15) on arsenic therapy.
  • Taylor Ambrose

    Taylor Ambrose
    Kate (15) meets her first love Taylor Ambrose (16) at the hospital. He becomes her first boyfriend. Taylor makes Kate happy and she forgets about being sick because she always wants to be with him. Her fantasy doesn't last long because he dies a few months after they start dating.
  • Campbell Alexander

    Campbell Alexander
    Campbell Alexander is a lonely man. The only things that he has are his job as a lawyer and his service dog, Judge. It is shocking that he takes on Anna's case for free.
  • Brian Takes Notice

    Brian Takes Notice
    That night at dinner while Brian is getting ready for his night shift, he notices that Anna looks sad and that her necklace is missing. When he tells Sara about it, she says that she is just being a teenager.
  • Anna Cracks

    Anna Cracks
    Anna (13) is tired of having to donate her bodily fluids and organs to her sister, Kate. So, she tries to raise money, unsuccessfully, and goes to see a lawyer to get medically emancipated. Instead of paying Campbell with money, she has to wax the door knobs in the building.
  • Getting Served

    Getting Served
    While at the hospital with Kate, Sheriff Vern comes in and serves Sara and explains the lawsuit Anna has filed. Before Anna can get yelled at, Kate saves her by faking pain.
  • Disbelief

    When everyone is home, Jesse and Kate are in bed, Anna is confronted by her parents about what she is thinking when she says she doesn't want to help Kate anymore. As Anna goes to bed, Kate says that she can loose Anna as a sister, but not as a friend.
  • The Arsonist

    The Arsonist
    Jesse (17) has become the arsonist that his dad has been trying to track. He does this because he feels useless when it comes to trying to save Kate. The only thing he can do is drive her to the hospital. Kate thinks she can feel that it is her time and she just say to Jesse "tell Anna." He doesn't know what she means, but he will try and find out.
  • Julia Romano

    Julia Romano
    Julia Romano is the G.A.L. appointed to Anna's case. She is a very friendly lady who has had a bummpy past with Campbell Alexander.
  • Lost

    Anna asks Jesse to take her to see Kate in the hospital. This is when Anna realizes that she feels lost when she is not with Kate.
  • No Way Out

    No Way Out
    Sara lies to Campbell saying that Anna wants to drop the case, but what she doesn't know is that Anna is there in the office with Campbell telling him that she wants this. Later that day at the court house, Sara tells the judge that she will be representing herself if Anna is going through with the lawsuit.
  • Guardian Ad Litem

    Guardian Ad Litem
    GAL Info After hearing Anna explain why she wants this lawsuit and a lot of tears, he declares that she needs a guardian ad litem, and will get their opinion of what they should do with Anna.
  • Admitting Guilt

    Admitting Guilt
    Julia visits Brian at the firestation and they talk about Anna. Brian tells Julia that he thinks Ann is right, they have not shown equal love towards their three children. Most of it goes straight to Kate.
  • Kate Confesses

    Kate Confesses
    Julia goes to the hospital to talk to Kate who confesses to alway wanting to be a ballarina when she grows up. She has also always dreamed of what it would be like if she lived a normal life.
  • Unnoticed

    Julia then goes to talk to Jesse for another angle on their family life. After hitting on her, Jesse then tells her a story about how one year he had to decorate his own tree and got a hospital gift shop toy the year Kate was in the hospital on Christmas.
  • Anna's Right

    Anna's Right
    Brian goes to talk to Campbell about the trial and says that Anna is right. He believes that they have never taken into consideration how Anna feels about going into different procedures for Kate. After saying this, he agrees for now to testify on Anna's behalf.
  • Restraining Order

    Restraining Order
    A day after Julia talks to Kate, Campbell decided that he doesn't want Anna to keep changing her mind and Sara is too much of an influence in her life, that he puts a temporary restraining order on Sara to stay away from Anna. As a result, Anna and Brian move into his spare room at the firestation until the lawsuit is over.
  • No Deal

    No Deal
    Anna's parents try to get her to donate her kidney to Kate and they promise to never ask for anything else from her. Anna turns down the deal and Campbell takes Julia to dinner to tell her that. Campbell and Julia end up spending the night together.
  • In Court

    In Court
    The trial is now in session and Anna is nowhere to be found. Campbell believes he knows where she is and finds her in Kate's room at the hospital. He brings her back to the courthouse and his first Sara.
  • Giving Their All

    Giving Their All
    Witness after witness is called to the stand and both Campbell and Sara are tearing them apart. Both sides are giving their all, one for the sake of Kate, the other for the sake of Anna.
  • Cross-Examination

    Brian is cross-examined by Sara and he ruins Campbell's plan by saying that he still wishes that Anna would donate the kidney. That night, Brian and Anna move back in the house.
  • Anna Testifies

    Anna Testifies
    During Anna's testimony, she confesses that Kate was the person who told her not to donate the kidney. After this was said, Campbell collapsed in a fit of seizures. When he was taken care of, the testimony continued. Kate's reasoning for Anna not to donate the kidney was that she was tired of fighting and having everyone do what they could to save her.
  • G.A.L. Report

    G.A.L. Report
    Julia is called to the stand and says that we will do anything for the people we love, but there are times to step back and let go. Ultimately, Julia says that she doesn't have a recommendation for the family because it will split them. This is when Anna tells Campbell that she will testify.
  • The Decision

    The Decision
    The closing statements are made by Campbell and Sara. After the recess, Judge DeSalvo declares Anna medically emancipated from her parents. And even bigger, Campbell is appointed as her power of attorney.
  • The Kidney

    The Kidney
    An hour after the trial, Anna and Campbell get into a car accident. Anna suffers a head injury and Campbell is the one who has the last say in what will happen to her. Campbell declares that Kate needs her kidney. After the operation, everyone says goodbye to Anna and her plug is pulled.
  • The Survivor

    The Survivor
    Kate has survived the kidney transplant and is now 22 years old. She believes that she is always carrying Anna with her everywhere, and is reminded of that by her scar. But just so she doesn't forget her ever, she brings Anna's picture everywhere.