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My side of the mountain

  • Sam runs away from home

    Sam leaves home to live in the woods. Some time in May.
  • Strawberry lady vists

    Sam helps her pick strawberrys.
  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam wants a falcon so it can hunt for him.
  • Sam's tree house is done

    Sam finishes his home that he lives in.
  • Sam's bed is finished

    Sam finishes his bed to sleep on.
  • Sam makes a deer trap

    Sam want to kill a deer for a door and tethers for frightful.
  • Bando and Sam finish the raft

    Sam wants a raft to fish in the deep holes.
  • Bando makes pots

    Bando makes pottery to store jam.
  • Bando teches Sam how to make willow whisltes

    Sam and Bando play music on the willow whisltes.
  • Bando leaves

    Bando has to leave and Sam is sad.
  • Sam gathers nuts

    Sam stores nuts for the winter.
  • Baron gets a new coat

    Baron gets ready for winter.
  • Sam gets clay for a fireplace

    Sam needs heat for the winter.
  • Sam gets the fireplace working

    Sam now has heat to warm his home.
  • Sam his a halloween party

    Sam has a halloween party and the animals come.
  • Sam tree house is destoryed

    The animals destory Sam's home.
  • Deer season begins

    Sam has to lay low until deer season ends.
  • Hunting season begins

    Hunting season starts and Sam 'steals' a deer.
  • Sam goes to town

    Sam goes to town and meets Mr.Jacket.
  • Sam piles wood

    Sam gets wood for the winter.
  • Hunting season is over Sam has venison steak

    Sam took three deer that the hunters shot.
  • Sam gets his third deer

    Sam "steals" his third deer.
  • Sams first snowstorm comes

    Sams first snowstorm comes.
  • Sam's first snowstorm

    Sam stays in his tree house for a snowstorm.
  • Sam wonders if Bando will come

    Sam is wondering if Bando will come like he said.
  • Bando comes for Chrismas

    Bando comes to celabrate Chrismas with Sam.
  • Dad comes for Chrismas

    Dad comes to see Sam for Chrismas.
  • Dad meets Frightful

    Frightful claws dad when he gets close.
  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves after Chrismas.
  • Dad leaves

    Dad leaves to go back to New York.
  • Sam makes snowshoes

    Sam makes snowshoes so it is easier to walk.
  • Sam sees an owl

    Sam sees a great horned owl that if in a tree looks like a broken branch.
  • The deer press in

    The deer press in looking for food.
  • The great horned owl has eggs

    Sam finds out that the great horned owl has eggs.
  • Spring comes

    Spring is finally here and Sam is very happy.
  • Sam has to dig to get in his tree

    Sam has to dig thought thick ice and snow to get in his tree.
  • Sam finds matt

    Matt wants to find the wild boy and Sam tries to throw him off course.
  • Aaron comes

    Aaron comes and Sam sings songs to him.
  • A reporter comes

    A reporter comes and sees Sam.
  • Sam's family comes

    Sam's whole family comes to live with him.
  • Sam's dad starts to biuld a house

    Sam is not happy that his parents are building a house.