my side of the mountain

By bell
  • first day of spring

  • Aron comes

    Aron is a freind of Sams that lives in the city.
  • Easter

  • Sam runs away

    Exact date of when sam ran away is unkown
  • The frst day of spring

    The trees turned summer green, and the food was excellent.
  • Reporters and photographers

    Sam was talking to alot reporters and photographers.
  • Sam finshed his house

    Sam finshed his tree house
  • Sam makes new close

    Sam starts making his deerskin close.
  • Sam finshed his bed

  • Sam digs a pit

    Sam digs a pit for a deer
  • Sam is done with his close

    Sam finished his deerskin close.
  • Raft is almost done

  • Finshed clay jar and jam

  • Made willowwhistles

  • Bando goes back home

  • Baron weasle changes is fur

    The baron weasle is changing his summer fur for his winter mantle.
  • Sam makes a fireplace

    Sam gets his fireplace working well. It is made out of clay, and rocks.
  • Sam harvest nuts

  • Sam has a halloween party

    Sam has a halloween party with animals in the forest.
  • Sams house gets trashed

    Sams house gets destroyed by his animal freinds. Sam gets them out by yelling and screaming at them.
  • Hunting season begins

    Sam starts stealing deer from the hunters.
  • Sam wearing his deer skin clothes

    Sam finshed making his deer skin clothes.
  • There was an article in the news paper

    there is an article in the news paper of a wild boy living in the woods.
  • Starts stacking wood.

    sam starts stacking wood for winter outside his tree house.
  • Sam gets a deer

    Sam gets his third deer.
  • First flakes also sam first blizzard

    The first snow flakes fell from the sky.
  • Sam writes the first part of his journal

    Sam writes the fist part of is journal on dec 4 or 5 about hi first snow storm.
  • Article in the news paper

    old woman reports wild boy why she was picking strawberries.
  • Sam is scared

    Sam is stuck in his tree house wondering if he will ever be able to get out.
  • Sam is still scared

    Sam as been scared for the last to days wondering if he will be able to get out of his treehouse.
  • Sam wonders if bando will come

    sam wonders if bando will come an visit for christmas.
  • Bando comes back

    Bando comes back to visit with sam for christmas.
  • Sam meets is dad agian

    Sam meets with is dad, the first time in a long time.
  • Sam goes ice fishing

    Sam goes ice fishing and frightful catches a feasnt. Sams dad meets frightful.
  • Sams dad leaves

  • The deer came

    The deer started to press in all around sam and is tree house.
  • The Owls have eggs

    The Owls have eggs an spring is coming.
  • Sam as to dig a tunnel

    Sam as to dig threw snow and ice to get to his tree house now
  • first day of spring

    The trees are fresh the food is good and the air feels good on the eyes.
  • Sams famlly comes

    Sams family comes to stay for ever.
  • Sams family starts a house

    Sams familiy starts to build there house on the Gribley farm.