My Life and Technology

  • Date of Birth

    This was a good day for humanity
  • First time flying solo on the phone

    First time I dialed and did all the talking on the phone inviting a kid to a sleepover
  • Used Computer in School

    Started computer class in first grade. Reader Rabbit... no big deal
  • Got a Gameboy for Christmas

    Game Boy color = ballin outrageous
  • Personal Phone

    Won a phone in the magazine sale and got to hook it up in my room
  • First personal CD player

  • DVD player

    My family bought a DVD player for the first time
  • First TV in my room

    First time I ever had a tv in my room
  • Cell Phone

    Me and my older brother got cell phones for christmas
  • iPOD

    Got my first iPOD, or MP3 player of any kind
  • Laptop

    First time I ever had a laptop of my own
  • First Smart Phone

    I got an iPhone 4S as a christmas gift. WINNING